The first dance at your wedding can be a very intimidating prospect for a lot of couples. Add a touch of class and wow your guests with the perfect dance, individually tailor made to suit you.

We will help to put you at ease, gain confidence in your dancing and teach you a beautiful dance to suit your special day! All whilst teaching you how to hold each other correctly and move in time to your chosen music, through working on rhythm and time signatures as well as some fancy turns and tricks!

Whether you want a fully choreographed first dance or simply want to learn a few helpful moves, we will ensure that your first dance is relaxed, fun and gorgeous!

At the end of each class we will write out the choreography for you and video (if you’re happy to be filmed) the dance so that you have notes and filmed footage to practise with between your classes. After your final class we are also happy to film the finished piece of choreography so that you have something special to keep from your lessons.


We offer one hour confidence classes, ninety minutes confidence extra classes and Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Sparkle wedding dance packages.

Learn how to hold each other correctly, how to count rhythms and beats and work with time signatures whilst gaining confidence in your dancing and learning some glamorous moves that you can use on your big day with one of our one hour confidence classes or a ninety minutes confidence extra class.

If you would like to gain confidence, learn technique, how to work with time signatures and count rhythm and beats correctly, learn how to hold each other as well as learning a full choreographed tailor made routine that will be rehearsed and polished ready for your special day one of our wedding dance packages would be ideal for you.

You can book as many lessons as you like and feel that you need. We are here to help and make your first dance as stress free and comfortable for you as possible. We offer traditional, modern and novelty wedding choreography. For more information and for a free quote please feel free to contact us today.



3x 90 minute Classes.

In the 1st 2 classes and the 1st 45 minutes of your 3rd session you will learn about technique and rhythm and learn your tailor made choreography.

In the 3rd class the 2nd half of the session will be used as a rehearsal.


3x 90 minute classes + 1 hour rehearsal. 

During the 1st 3 classes you will learn technique, about rhythms and time signatures plus your tailor made choreography, complete with a full 1 hour rehearsal at the last class.

** GOLD **

4x 90 minute classes + 1 hour rehearsal.

You will learn technique, about time signatures and counting beats and rhythms correctly as well as your choreographed dance followed by a 1 hour rehearsal at the last session.


5x 90 minutes classes + 1 hour rehearsal 

You will learn technique, how to count the music correctly and work with time signatures as well as learning your individual tailor made first dance before your 1 hour rehearsal at the last session.


Wedding dance classes are available 7 days a week and around the clock so that you can fit them in perfectly with your schedule.

We will provide the music and the sound system for the classes.

We come to you whether this is at your home or a hired venue. We can also help find a venue for the classes at no additional cost, with only the cost of the venue hire to pay.

We can help you choose your first dance song if you’re unsure.


"Our dance classes with Lisa were our favourite part of our wedding preparation."

Anna & Chris

"Lisa has really put myself and my partner at ease and made us feel very comfortable whilst learning our wedding dance. It has been a lovely part of the build up to our wedding and we are very happy with our dance."



Please email or  call 07932 509250.