Welcome to the LMW Dance shop where you can purchase your kit for class or for every day wear. We have a selection of children’s and adults unisex T-shirts and draw string bags suitable for all.

To order simply fill in the form below with your requirements and we will contact you to process your payment and arrange delivery. Please note that there will be an additional cost for postage.

If you are one of our regular students, all LMW Dance merchandise is also available to buy and take home each week at class.

Grab your merchandise today and show the world that you are a LMWD dancer!


5-6 years
7-8 years
9-11 years
12-13 years
14-15 years

Small (Adult)
Medium (Adult)
Large (Adult)

All T-shirts are black with LMW Dance logo and www.lmwdance.co.uk in green displayed across the front. All T-shirts are plain black across the back, unisex in style and are great to wear to class or for every day wear.


All bags are draw string in black with the LMW Dance logo and www.lmwdance.co.uk in green across the front.

All bags are plain black across the back, unisex in style and are great for bringing your belongings to class in or for every day use.

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